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Can you name the things that have something to do with the number 39?

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This band has a song titled '39 on their 'A Night at the Opera' album
In 1982, this Brewer had a 39-game hit streak, still the longest since Pete Rose had 44 in 1978
This 1935 Hitchcock film starred Robert Donat and Madeline Carroll
This comedian of TV and stage, despite dying at the age of 80, always claimed he was 39
This aviatrix was 39 when her plane disappeared en route to Howard Island
This chemical element, with atomic number 39, has the symbol Y
2010 horror film with Renée Zellweger about demonic possesion
This is how the Romans would have written the numeral 39
List all of the prime factors of the number 39, in any order
This team beat the Philadelphia Eagles in February, 2005 in the 39th Super Bowl
In hexadecimal or base 16, how the number 39 would be written
This constitutional amendment passed by the 39th US Congress features the due process clause
This Democrat became the 39th president by defeating Ford in the 1976 election
The 39th Academy Awards, held in 1966, gave top honors to this Thomas More biopic
This Fargo home, the Peace Garden State, was the 39th to join the union
This supposedly tyrannical Roman Emperor, who followed Tiberius, ruled in the year 39 AD
M39 is a cluster found in this constellation also called the swan
When this astronaut stepped off Apollo 11 onto the moon, he was 39 years old
Both the Vatican and this country share the 39 country code
The Dodgers retired 39 for this African-American catcher whose career was ended by a car accident

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