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Can you name the US states given a famous or infamous former representative from that state?

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Tom Lantos1981-2008
Pat Schroeder1973-1997
Larry Craig1981-1991
Sam Rayburn1913-1961
Henry Clay1811-1825*
Les Aspin1971-1993
Barbara Vucanovich1983-1997
Mike Castle1993-2011
Byron Dorgan1981-1992
Reva Beck Bosone1949-1953
Nick Begich1971-1972
Carl Albert1947-1977
John E. Rankin1921-1953
Dick Cheney1979-1989
Thomas 'Tip' O'Neill1953-1987
Mark Foley1995-2006
Hale Boggs1941-1973*
Carl Vinson1914-1965
Preston Brooks1853-1857
George McGovern1957-1961
William 'Bill' Clay, Sr.1969-2001
Nan Wood Honeyman1937-1939
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.1789-1795
Kweisi Mfume1987-1996
Dan Rostenkowski1959-1995
Schuyler Colfax1855-1869
Dan Glickman1977-1995
Millicent Fenwick1975-1983
James Garfield1863-1881
Charles Lindbergh Sr.1907-1917
Sam Ervin, Jr. 1945-1947
James G. Blaine1863-1876
Davy Crockett1827-1835*
William B. Bankhead1917-1940
Virginia Smith1975-1991
Jeanette Rankin1917-1943*
Morris 'Mo' Udall1961-1991
John Dingell, Sr.1933-1955
Bill Richardson1983-1997
Jim Jeffords1975-1989
Jeremiah Smith1791-1795
Patsy Mink1965-2002
Elizabeth Kee1951-1965
Wilbur Mills1939-1977
James Madison1789-1797
Fred Grandy1987-1995
Patrick Kennedy1995-2011
Frederick Muhlenberg1789-1797
Tom Foley1965-1995
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.1945-1971

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