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Can you name the words that are formed by dropping a letter and jumbling the rest?

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Set 1
American Space Shuttle 
Legally ends a marriage 
Like a hat with a big brim 
Uses an automobile 
Fathered a horse 
Go up, like dough 
A note to follow do 
Adult movie rating 
Set 2
Another American Space Shuttle 
Hispanic women 
Russian WWII leader 
One who is canonized 
Songstress Turner 
Insect with a queen 
Symbol for tantalum 
Blood type 
Set 3
A prototype shuttle 
Put in the slot ahead of time 
Foods simliar to paté 
Pages in a diary 
Heat without melting 
German beer holder 
Part of a fork 
A tool to troll for fish 
One from outer space 
Set 4
Astronaut Neil 
Formal bestowers 
Slang for a handkerchief 
Argentine dances 
___ Domingo 
Eminem song sampling Dido 
Singer ___ King Cole 
Article in English 
Opposite of S on a compass 

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