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Can you name the missing nautical and fishy puns from the Dr. Demento song 'Wet Dream'?

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LyricPun Word
It was April the 41st, being a quadruple leap year; I was driving in downtown ___.
My ___ was in the shop,
so I was in a rented ___, and it was overheating.
So, I pulled into a ___ Station;
They said I'd blown a ___. I said, 'Fix the damn thing and leave my private life out of it. OK, pal?'
While they were doing that, I walked over to a place called the ___ Bar.
A real ___, but I knew the owner;
He used to play for the ___.
I said, 'Hi ___!'
You have to yell, he's hard of ___.
[Chorus] ___ was also down on his luck.
Fact is, he was barely keeping his head below ___.
I bellied up to the ___;
He poured the usual: rusty ___,
hold the ___, shaken not stirred.
With a peanut butter and ___ sandwich on the side,
heavy on the ___.
I slipped him a ___,
on ___. I was feeling good;
I even dropped a ___ ___
in the box for Jerry's ___,
for the ___.
Well, the place was crowded. We were packed in like ___.
They were all there to listen to the big band sounds of Tommy ___.
LyricPun Word
What ___!
Tommy was rockin' the place with a very popular ___,
'___ Chanted Evening,'
and the stage was surrounded by screaming ___,
probably there to see the ___ player.
One of them was this cute little ___, and she was givin' me the eye.
So, I figured this was my chance for a little fun. You know, piece of ___.
But she said some things I just couldn't ___.
She was too ___,
seemed to be under a lot of ___.
Boy, could she drink. She drank like a ...
I said, 'What's your sign?' She said, '___.'
I said, 'Great! Let's get ___!'
[Chorus] I invited her up to my place for a little midnight ___.
I said, 'C'mon baby, it'll only take a few ___.'
She threw me that same old ___:
'Not tonight, I got a ___.'
And she wasn't kidding either, cause in came the biggest, meanest looking ___
I'd ever seen come down the ___.
He was covered with ___.
He came over to me; he said, 'Listen, ___!
Don't you come ___ around here.'
What a ___!
This guy was ___.
LyricPun Word
I could see the ___ in his eyes.
I turned to him and I said, '___!
You're just being ___.'
Well, I knew there was going to be trouble, and so did ___,
cause he was already on the phone to the ___.
The ___ hits me
with a ___ punch.
I catch him with a left ___.
He ___ over.
It was a ___, but there he was,
lying on the ___,
flat as a ___,
I said, 'Forget the ___,
___. This guy's
going to need a ___.
Well, the ___ was impressed with the way that
I ___ her boyfriend
She came over to me; she said, 'Hey, big boy, you're really a ___ fish.'
What's your name?' I said, '___.'
[Chorus] Well, from then on we had a ___ of a time.
I took her to dinner; I took her to dance; I bought her a bouquet of ___.
And then I went home with her. What did I get for my trouble? A case of the ___.

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