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Can you name the following things that have some form of 'sky' in them?

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ClueSky Word/Phrase
Using a small plane that expels a special smoke to create messages on a nice day
This 1994 film with Tommy Lee Jones earned Jessica Lange a Best Actress Oscar
This is the only Crayola color that fits this category and was one of the original 64
This Jimi Hendrix compilation album of 1994 takes its title from the lyrics of 'Purple Haze'
Sears Tower, Empire State Building or Petronas Towers, e.g.
This precedes 'Afternoon Delight' in song by the Starlight Vocal Band
This company and same named in-flight magazine is a catalog for you to shop while flying
A phrase for a prospect of happiness that is unlikely ever to happen or a UK TV series
In the 'Chicken Little' fable, this is what she keeps mistakenly warning will happen
A Disney film about a superhero family or a Transformer who becomes a helicopter
This satellite TV broadcaster produces shows with an emphasis on UK and international stories
This Cameron Crowe film featuring Tom Cruise is a remake of the Spanish Film 'Abre los Ojos'
This Jake Gyllenhaal movie was based on the novel 'Rocket Boys' by Homer Hickam
A window on the ceiling of the top floor of a building, often in a kitchen
This official AKC dog breed is named for a Scottish island
ClueSky Word/Phrase
A usually enclosed aerial path connecting two building together
This 2004 sci-fi film features Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow in an alternate version of 1939
High-priced American vodka sold in a distinctive cobalt blue bottle
This artificial intelligence system ruled the future and sent the Terminators back to the present
This is a song (and album) by the Alan Parsons Project that reached number 3 in 1982
This actress, the daughter of the folk singer Donavan, was the female lead in 'Say Anything...'
50's TV Show featuring Kirby Grant in the title role as a pilot who stopped crime in Arizona
This is the high-stakes gambler that Nathan Detroit bets with in 'Guys and Dolls'
An apt expression that means that the possibilities are endless
In the old adage, this is an indicator of 'sailor's delight'
This was the United States' first space station which re-entered and crashed in Australia in 1979
To commandeer an airplane in flight with the threat of violence
This sport involves jumping from an airplane at a moderate altitude with a parachute
This Percy Bysshe Shelley poem contains the line 'Hail to thee, blithe Spirit'
This sports conference gets its name from the nickname for the state of Montana

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