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Can you name the first name of the scientist these units honor?

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UnitFirst nameMeasurement
Ampere (A)current
Ångstrom (Å)distance
Becquerel (Bq)radiation
Celsius (C)temperature
Centimorgan (cM)gene distance
Clausius (Cl)entropy
Coulomb (C)electric charge
Curie (Ci)radiation
Dalton (Da)atomic weight
Decibel (dB)sound intensity
Debye (D)dipole moment
Eotvos (E)acceleration
Fahrenheit (F)temperature
Farad (F)capacitance
Fermi (fm)length
Franklin (Fr)electric charge
Gauss (G)magnetic flux density
Gilbert (Gb)magnetomotive force
Gray (Gy)radiation dose
Henry (H)inductance
Hertz (Hz)frequency
Jansky (Jy)spectral flux density
Joule (J)energy
Kelvin (K)temperature
UnitFirst nameMeasurement
Lambert (L)luminance
Langley (ly)solar radiation
Langmuir (L)surface exposure
Maxwell (Mx)magnetic flux
Neper (Np)logarithmic ratio
Newton (N)force
Oersted (Oe)field strength
Ohm (Ω)resistance
Pascal (Pa)pressure
Poise (P)viscosity
Rankine (R)temperature
Raylacoustic impedance
Roentgen (R)radiation
Sabinacoustic absorption
Scoville (SHU)capsaicin content
Siemens (S)conductance
Sievert (Sv)radiation dose
Stokes (St)viscocity
Svedberg (Sv)sedimentation rate
Tesla (T)magnetic flux density
Torr (torr)pressure
Volt (V)electrical potential
Watt (W)power
Weber (Wb)magnetic flux

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