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Can you name the 8-letter words that begin and end with the same two letters?

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Clue8-Letter Word
Relating to deposits left by running waterAL
A member of the Church of EnglandAN
Sun Tzu's military masterpiece (3 wds.)AR
Brass instrument usually pitched in F (2 wds.)BA
Fictional realm created by Ursula K. LeGuinEA
Skilled; schooledED
Members of the English gentry below knightsES
Technology for connecting local-area computersET
Migraine, e.g.HE
Pen damage to clothing (2 wds.)IN
People from JerusalemIS
Actor Frank from 'Frost/Nixon'LA
Clue8-Letter Word
The largest acting part in a movie (2 wds.)LE
When to eat lunch or dinnerME
This plunges on low-cut dressesNE
Business where union dues aren't mandatory (2 wds.)OP
The wife of OdysseusPE
US anti-communism hysteria of the 1950's (2 wds.)RE
Ocean creature whose male keeps the young (2 wds.)SE
Being ovine in manners, i.e., meek or timidSH
Most rigid, inflexible or expensiveST
Derek Jeter, to Alex RodriguezTE
Nickname for Paul Pierce (2 wds.)TH
Followers of Nicholas IITS
Relating to charging high interestUS

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