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Can you name the phrases containing the phonetic radio alphabet words?

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Game follow-up to Civilization IIA
Cartoon Network series with muscled protagonistB
First novel featuring Willy WonkaC
US's primary counter-terrorism unitD
British band fronted by Ian McCullochE
Comic (and author) featuring Jason, Peter, and PaigeF
Tim Conway's first sports film spoofG
Film Don Cheadle got an Academy Award nod forH
Grammy-winning punctuated soul singerI
Elizabeth Mitchell's character on LostJ
8192 bitsK
Succotash ingredientL
Detective created by Mickey SpillaneM
2001 remake with Reeves and TheronN
Fashion designer from the Dominican RepublicO
Leader of the foes of GargamelP
Colorado Avalanche, at one timeQ
Coppola-directed police movie with Gary OldmanR
West African country with its captial FreetownS
Stallone/Russell comedy film of 1989T
What URL stands forU
Author of Les MiserablesV
Tax resistance movement during Washington's termW
One of Superman's powersX
Biographical musical about George M. CohanY
Early 19th century African leaderZ

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