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Can you name the word that is made by taking a word that starts with Q and removing the K sound at the beginning?

Quiz Updated Oct 13, 2016

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Q-Word ClueQ Minus 'K' WordQ Minus 'K' Word Clue
College areaLump of cash
A ball used in QuidditchPatterned breakfast food
Crystalline silicon dioxideSkin blemishes
Yellow fruitRecoil from pain
Slake one's thirstFemale servant
Pacify; reduce to submissionWater source
Bed coverletBecome limp
Soft-spokenLawman Earp
One-twentieth of a reamTelegram
Chivalrous journeyDirection
SpeedyCandle part
Philosopher and logician WillardMerlot, e.g.
An eighth noteTotter or hesitate
Suppress completelyLave
Rather; completely; plentyUndead wraith-like creature
RoyaltyEase off of something
FeatherVolition; legal document
Give up a jobThe smallest part
Bon motIndiana Jones' weapon
Line up in LondonType of tree
First-person shooter game of 1996Rouse from sleep
NauseatedHaving noisy, troubled breathing
Small testExpert
Duck soundHit on the head
Type of birdMoan loudly
Strange'Dead Poets Society' director Peter

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