Add an 'H' II

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Can you name the words that can have an 'H' added to them to make a new word?

Featured Oct 28, 2011

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Word before H ClueWordsWord with H Clue
V-shaped holder for animal food or waterFinished or completely
Baked corn breadAlexander Graham Bell invention
Avarice, e.g.The tibia
ExistedQuestion asking word
Gum, birch, or oak, e.g.Number of Stooges or wise men
Clean and tidyPoetically below
Alternative to a toupeeDefunct American political party
The ego, essentiallyA horizontal board for holding items
A fastball or an old-school gunActress Locklear or Graham
Assenting votesUS President Rutherford
Former quarterback FlutieBread before baking
Galloped on a horseIsland in New England
Making mistakesA small, often smoked, food fish
A small boat to pull a big oneHood or heavy
Director Jane of 'The Piano'The overall winner of the competition
A quick honk on the hornPart of a set of dentures
+Notably luxurious or rich
Of sound mindClassic Alan Ladd western
Silicate mineral that separates into layersOld testament book after Jonah
Flying Halloween animalWhat one takes in the tub

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