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Can you name the words that contain the letter 'Q'?

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ClueQ-wordFirst Letter
A water conduitA
A bunch of flowersB
Pizarro or Cortés, e.g.C
A sugary rum cocktailD
Gentry rank below knightE
It is 440 Hz for middle AF
Absurd, ugly or unnaturalG
A company's administrative center H
A person from BaghdadI
Cousin of the daffodilJ
A small yellowish citrus fruitK
Very chattyL
Blood-sucking insectM
ClueQ-wordFirst Letter
NY-based stock exchangeN
Off at an odd angleO
A person's body formP
Occurring every five yearsQ
A mass for the deadR
A giant California treeS
Margarita ingredientT
Being the only oneU
To overcome in battleV
Under-ocean seismic activityW
Portuguese jerked beef like charquiX
One from the US vis-a-vis Latin AmericaY
In the style of French novelist ÉmileZ

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