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Can you name the US states given a famous former senator from that state?

Updated Apr 6, 2012

How to Play Forced Order
Strom Thurmond1954-2003*
Jefferson Davis1847-1861*
Robert M. La Follette, Sr.1906-1925
Arthur H. Vandenberg1928-1951
Robert Byrd1959-2010
Don Nickles1981-2005
Jake Garn1974-1993
Albert B. Cummins1908-1926
Leland Stanford1885-1893
Pete Domenici1973-2009
Barry Goldwater1953-1987*
Mike Mansfield1953-1977
William Pinkney1819-1822
Sam Houston1846-1859
Alan K. Simpson1979-1997
Jim Jeffords1989-2007
Prescott Bush1952-1963
Claude Pepper1936-1951
Albert Gore, Sr.1953-1971
Bob Dole1969-1996
Bob Kerrey1989-2001
Quentin N. Burdick1960-1992
Richard Henry Lee1789-1792
Eugene McCarthy1959-1971
Bill Bradley1979-1997
Henry Clay1806-1811*
Birch Bayh1963-1981
William V. Roth, Jr.1971-2001
Thomas Hart Benton1821-1851
Robert F. Kennedy1965-1968
Stephen A. Douglas1847-1861
Daniel Webster1827-1850*
Jesse Helms1973-2003
Gary Hart1975-1987
Margaret Chase Smith1949-1973
Claiborne Pell1961-1997
H. John Heinz III1977-1991
Bob Packwood1969-1995
Hiram Fong1959-1977
Robert A. Taft1939-1953
Mike Gravel1969-1981
Henry 'Scoop' Jackson1953-1983
Hugo Black1927-1937
Sam Nunn1972-1997
Franklin Pierce1837-1842
J. William Fulbright1945-1974
Frank Church1957-1981
Key Pittman1913-1940
Tom Daschle1987-2005
Huey Long1932-1935

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