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Can you name the phrases that contain a form a 'north' in them?

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Clue'North' Phrase
1980s hit by Dream Academy
Co-author of Principia Mathematica
Home of the Big 10 Wildcats
Iran-Contragate figure
Its capital is Belfast
Hitchcock film staring Cary Grant
Sea route Amundsen navigated
Former Minnesota NHL team
Nick Nolte football film
Home to Santa Claus
Home to Winston-Salem
Where Kim Jong Il rules
Brand of toilet tissue
A protector of Dorothy Gale
TV show set in Cicely, Alaska
Clue'North' Phrase
Alternate name for US Civil War
Aurora borealis
US territory in the Pacific
It's between Yukon and Nunavut
Zambia's former name
Theron film about harassment
What a compass points to
Detective on the 'Electric Company'
A continent
NATO, expanded
Water between UK and Denmark
Where lanterns for Revere hung
Medieval kingdom of Angles
Dennis the Menace portrayer
Silent documentary of 1922

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