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QUIZ: Can you name the movies from a set of 3 consecutive DVD chapter titles (volume II)?

Quiz Updated Mar 7, 2012

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Chapter TitlesMovie
7. In the Midst of Mutants 8. A School for the Gifted 9. Kelly's New Aide
14.Galloping Gallimimus 15.The Perimeter Fence 16.Predator in the Powerhouse
34. Yankee Intruder 35. War Over 36. Ashley Returns
20. The Other Proposal 21. Mr. Robinson's Threat 22. Searching for Elaine
5. Brint, Rufus, Meekus 6. Eugoogoly 7. Balls Models
17. Four Minutes Late 18. Final Touch-ups 19. Our Lovely Contestants
16. Gifts from FedEx 17. To Make Fire 18. Wilson
23. Store Showdown 24. Gizmo to the Rescue 25. Stripe's Last Stand
23.Everybody Comes to Rick's 24.Renault Trustworthy? 25.'Les jeux sont faits'
21. Sydney's Past 22. A Floral Hop-out 23. First Mistress?
25. Code A113 26. Garbage Airlock 27. Eve to the Rescue
10. The Wrestling Match 11. Enter the Thief 12. The Death of Uncle Ben
43. Toto's Escape 44. March of the Winkies 45. The Rescue
13. Deckard's Dream 14. Esper Enhancement 15. Manufactured Skin
10. Arletta Lets Go 11. Short Work of a Long Road 12. 50 Eggs on a Bet
Chapter TitlesMovie
30. Welcome to Earth 31. Desert RV Caravan 32. The Truth Is Out There
10. Do You Believe in Time Travel? 11. Simple Lifeline 12. Grandma Death's Book
2. The Portkey 3. The Quidditch World Cup 4. The Dark Mark
3. Big Boy Descends 4. A Hero Is Unthawed 5. Danger Is My Middle Name
12. Mia's Transformation 13. Friends Tell 14. Waving Lesson
12. Bunny's Toe 13. A Visit from the Stranger 14. The Dude's Check-up
6. Escape to the Past 7. 1955 8. Dad the Dork
1. Choose Life 2. The Sick Boy Method 3. The Worst Toilet in Scotland
10. Philadelphia 11. The Ocular Device 12. Ian Has the Map
14. The Arcade 15. Sanding the Deck 16. Painting the Fence
11. Pancake Tuesday 12. 246 Toothpicks 13. 'Qantas never crashed'
21. Orion's Belt 22. Edgar at the Morgue 23. Deliver the Galaxy
16. Cole's Mission 17. They're Here! 18. All I See Are Dead People...
14. What's Gracie's Talent 15. Good Cover 16. Gun Crazy
21. I Did It for Nothing 22. Kellerman's Farewell 23. 'Time of My Life'

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