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Can you name the movie with a word in its title that is also a large US city?

Quiz Updated Nov 8, 2016

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Actor (Year)MovieUS Rank (2008) + State
Leonardo DiCaprio (2002)1 NY
Kim Basinger (1997)2 CA
Richard Gere (2002)3 IL
Emma Watson (2007)5 AZ
Katharine Hepburn (1940)6 PA
Nick Nolte (1979)8 TX
Edward Furlong (1999)11 MI
Mike Myers (2002)15 TX
Richard Benjamin (1969)16 OH
Dakota Fanning (2006)18 NC
Matthew Modine (1990)19 TN
Andy Garcia (1995)24 CO
Tom Hanks (1993)25 WA
Ned Beatty (1975)26 TN
Elisabeth Shue (1995)28 NV
James Stewart (1939)27 -
Miranda Richardson (1996)39 MO
Alec Baldwin (1990)43 FL
Actor (Year)MovieUS Rank (2008) + State
Jeff Bridges (1999)50 TX
Judy Garland (1944)52 MO
Steve McQueen (1965)56 OH
Nicolas Cage (2009)59 LA
Christina Ricci (1998)69 NY
Henry Fonda (1939)72 NE
Adam Sandler (1995)81 WI
Tilda Swinton (1992)82 FL
Kevin Costner (1988)85 NC
Johnny Depp (1993) 94 AZ
Richard Dreyfuss (1993)106 NY
Logan Lerman (2010)132 MS
Shawn Hatosy (1999)136 RI
Michael J. Fox (1991)171 FL
Malcolm McDowell (1971)178 CA
Cate Blanchett (1998)192 NJ
James Coburn (1966)222 MI
Will Smith (1996)227 MO

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