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Famous Halls
Home of the Rockettes 
Other name for the Galerie des Glaces 
Dvorak's symphony From the New World was premiered here 
Musical Location in 'A Day in the Life' 
Name for a Jehovah's Witness' church 
Part of Handel's 'Messiah' 
Barry Manilow song later covered by Westlife 
Holiday song with the line 'see the blazing Yule before us' 
Wang Chung's only UK hit 
Bruce Hornsby and the Range's 1987 #4 hit 
The Man Who... ___?
Hitchcock movie 
Coen Brothers film 
Oliver Sachs book 
John Ford western 
G. K. Chesterton novel 
Capital of the Philippines 
Winnipeg is its capital 
Capital of Nicaragua 
Changchun was this region's capital in WWII 
Capital of Bahrain 
Musical based on 'Don Quixote' 
Jane Austen novel 
Nietzsche inspired George Bernard Shaw play 
John Osborne or Kingsley Amis 
Anne Brontë novel 
Tropical fruit or recurring SNL character 
Egg-rich leavened Jewish bread 
Spanish word for butter 
The bone that helps you chew 
Italian dish with crepes or pasta filled with ricotta and covered in tomato sauce 
Famous Manns
Director of 'Heat' and 'Ali' 
Author of 'Magic Mountian' 
Former member of 'Til Tuesday 
Singer of 'Do Wah Diddy Diddy' 
Early American educator and Massachusetts congressman 
Man Halls
Former talk show host and 'Coming to America' actor 
Host of 'Let's Make a Deal' 
Star of 'The Dead Zone' on TV 
Actor who plays the coroner on 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' 
Musican Moby's real name 
Nerdy Stuff
Headquarters for the Super Friends 
Foster father of Teela and mentor to Prince Adam 
This Polynesia word is now used for magic points in fantasy games 
The warmaster for House Atreides in Dune 
Short-lived Sam Raimi series with a superhuman paralyzed doctor 
The 1978 film that began Jamie Lee Curtis' movie career 
Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser vehicle 
Woody Allen's only win for Best Picture Oscar 
Movie version of Sir Thomas More's life 
Film featuring a guy playing in the WUBA 
Living Things
The sea cow 
A plant in the nightshade family that is also grown by Professor Sprout 
Tropical maritime trees that send out giant prop roots 
A skin disease that causes the loss of hair and is common in dogs 
A large baboon 
Quaterback for the Indianapolis Colts 
16-time All Star for the NY Yankees 
This opened in 1959 in Springfield, Massachusetts 
This actress was married to former Brave David Justice 
Winner of the 1920 Belmont and Preakness 
First democratically-elected president of South Africa 
Bibically-inspired term for justifying American western expansion 
Name of the political machine headed by Boss Tweed 
The dynasty followed the Ming in China 
These 1912 UK remains weren't determined to be a hoax until 1953 
The most populous city in New Hampshire 
British possession in the Irish Sea with a capital at Douglas 
Peter Minuit bought this island 
Vegas casino named for the second largest city in Myanmar 
This city is another namesake for the Battle of Bull Run 
George Constanza's dad co-invented this support 
The surname of the witches on Charmed 
This is the Canadian version of SNL by Lorne Michaels 
This company sponsors schlocky made-for-TV movies like 'Riding the Bus with My Sister' 
He composed Letterman's 'Viewer Mail Theme' and the 'Pink Panther Theme' 
This astronomical entity can be seen every 76 years from Earth 
This is element number 25 
Fractal that looks like heart-shaped disks discovered by a Yale mathematician 
In physics, this can be described as anomalous, extraordinary, quantum, or fractional quantum 
He coined the term quark for the subatomic particle 
Man Hall Final Bonus - Artist
Name the song AND artist that held the #1 spot on the 
Man Hall Final Bonus - Song
Billboard chart in the US from December '82 to January 83 

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