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QUIZ: Can you name the words that are missing from the following Macbeth quotations given the speaker and scene?

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Macbeth: Act V: Scene v
___, and ___, and ____ 
___ in this petty 
___ from day to day 
to the last ___ 
of ___ time; 
And all our ___ 
have lighted ___ 
the way to dusty ___. 
Macbeth: Act II: Scene i
Is this a ___ which 
I see ___ me, the 
___ toward my hand? 
Come, let me ___ thee; 
I have ___ not; and 
yet I see thee ___. 
Apparition 3: Act IV: Scene i
Macbeth ___ never 
___ be, until Great 
Birnam ___ to high 
Dunsinane ___ shall  
come ___ him. 
Lady Macbeth: Act I: Scene v
Yet I do ___ 
thy ___; 
It is too ___  
o' the ___  
of human ___. 
Macbeth: Act V: Scene v
It is a ___ 
told by an ___, 
full of ___ 
and ___, 
___ nothing. 
Lady Macbeth: Act I: Scene v
Come, you ___ that tend 
on mortal ___! 
___ me here, and fill me 
from the ___ to the toe, 
top-full of direst ___. 
Macbeth: Act I: Scene vii
If it were ___, 
___ 'tis done, 
then 'twere ___ 
It were done ___; 
Witches: Act I: Scene i
Fair is ___ 
and foul is ___; 
Hover through ___ 
and filthy ___. 
Macbeth: Act II: Scene ii
Methought I ___ a  
voice cry, ___ no more! 
Macbeth does ___ sleep, 
the ___ sleep; 
Witches: Act IV: Scene i
___, ___,  
toil and ___; 
___ burn  
and ___ bubble. 
2nd Witch: Act IV: Scene i
By the ___ 
of my ___, 
Something ___ 
this way ___: 
Apparition 1: Act IV: Scene i
Macbeth! ___ Macduff; 
Beware the ___ 
of ___.  
Dismiss me. ___. 
Apparition 2: Act IV: Scene i
Laugh to ___ 
the ___ of man, 
for none of ___ born, 
shall harm ___. 
Lady Macbeth: Act V: Scene i
Yet who ___ have 
thought the ___ man 
to have had so ___ 
___ in him. 
Lady Macbeth: Act V: Scene i
All the ___ 
of ___ 
will not ___ 
this ___ hand. 
1st Witch: Act I: Scene i
When shall we ___ 
meet again in ___, 
___, or 
in ___? 
Macduff: Act V: Scene viii
___ was from his  
___'s womb 
___ ripp'd 
2nd Witch: Act I: Scene i
When the ___'s done 
When the ___'s 
lost and ___. 
Lady Macbeth: Act V: Scene i
What's done ___ 
be ___. 
Lady Macbeth: Act V: Scene i
Out, ___ 
___! Out, I say! 

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