A-Z: Jumble Pairs

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Can you name the 5-letter words that you can add A-Z to and then jumble to make a set of 6-letter words?

Updated Aug 21, 2014

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New LetterWordClue
A +Nut used in pies
B +Inert gaseous element
C +Oyster product
D +Oak tree fruit
E +North Dakota city
F +Film critic Roger
G +Intended
H +Create a novella
I +Persons, places and things
J +Bladder waste
K +Country singer Patsy
L +Computer chip maker
M +Doughnut-shaped bread
N +Poet Poe
O +The house on an estate
P +A collection of wives
Q +North African capital
R +Person from Riyadh
S +Pet restraint
T +Error or interruption
U +Apartment building caretaker
V +Waste water conduit
W +Thick-headed or compact
X +Playful river animal
Y +Type of beer
Z +Possessive pronoun
New LetterWordClue
Jumble → Bread-based appetizer
Jumble → Heavy shoe
Jumble → Package
Jumble → Frankness
Jumble → Search for food
Jumble → Having suffered a loss
Jumble → A thing that attracts
Jumble → Become dry and shrivel
Jumble → Harmonious agreement
Jumble → Hurt or damage
Jumble → US 5-cent piece
Jumble → Edible legume seed
Jumble → Wager or risk
Jumble → A male goose
Jumble → Hard Italian cheese
Jumble → Dirty clothes holder
Jumble → Look with eyes semi-closed
Jumble → Half the diameter
Jumble → Argue or harass
Jumble → Paper fastener
Jumble → Follow after or seek
Jumble → Veer off
Jumble → Scandinavian country
Jumble → Obtain by force
Jumble → Diamond sock pattern
Jumble → Stringed instrument

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