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In 2008, this golfer won his 14th major golf championship, placing him behind Jack Nicklaus. Name this golfer who has won each of the four major tournaments at least thrice.Tiger Woods
Name the fast food chain that began in CA in 1948, and has only spread as far as AZ, UT, TX and NV. You can get the “double-double” there, the restaurant’s most popular item.In-N-Out Burger
Along with Super Mario Brothers, what was the other game that came with the late 80's release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that needed the gun?Duck Hunt
Name the entity, studied by Stephen Hawking, that can be described by its Schwarzschild Radius and is thought to form when something exceeds its Chandrasekhar limit. black hole
What persona does Westley take on in the Princess Bride after his disappearance?Dread Pirate Roberts
Name the Disney Channel show from 2000-03 which featured Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano as warring siblings Louis and Ren. Even Stevens
What 1906 Jack London novel features a wolf-hybrid that begins in the wild, ends up in an Indian camp, is enslaved by a dog-fighter, and is eventually freed by Judge Wheedon Scott?White Fang
What North American bird, Cyanocitta cristata, is the official bird of Prince Edward Island, and the namesake of the sports teams for Creighton University and Johns Hopkins?blue jay
Name the ice cream company, founded in 1866 in the Philadelphia area, whose logo features a type of leaf that is a homophone of the company's name.Breyers Ice Cream
What Beatles’ song, off Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, begins with the lyrics, “I read the news today, oh boy” and then has a major tempo change mid-song?A Day in the Life
This US state, the 18th largest in the country, was the first to have two female senators and a female governor concurrently. It is one of 4 states to border two other states. State of Washington
Before 2008, only twice was a sitting senator elected to the presidency. One was Warren Harding, a Republican. Name the Democrat who also shares this distinction.John F. Kennedy
What is the 6-letter word for a place where rabbits live in the wild or are kept or bred?warren
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What Norman Bridwell series featured the runt of a litter, who blossoms in the loving hands of Emily Elizabeth Howard? John Ritter voiced the title dog on TV.Clifford the Big Red Dog
After a miserable showing in just one year as an MLB expansion team in 1969, the Seattle Pilots were moved to their new home in County Stadium, with what new name?Milwaukee Brewers
Name the 4th fundamental interaction of nature other than electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and gravitation.strong interaction
What island, the second largest of the US Virgin Islands, is home to the capital city of Charlotte Amalie?St. Thomas
What defunct Chicago-based department store chain was eventually acquired by Federated Department Stores? In 2006, its last remaining outlets were converted to Macy’s.Marshall Field's
There are two different synonyms for a hot dog that are both derived from the names of European cities. Name them both.frankfurter and wiener
Name the largest piece of exposed granite in the world, sitting near Atlanta. It has a bas-relief on its north face featuring Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, and Jefferson Davis. Stone Mountain
Name the movie that features John Houseman as a quintessential hard-ass Harvard Law professor named Kingsfield. It earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1973. The Paper Chase
What series of movies, based on the Michael Ende novel, features Barret Oliver, Jonathan Brandis, and Jason James Richter playing the lead role of Bastian Bux? The Neverending Story
Name this native of Great Neck, NY who, after landing 7 triple jumps in the long program, vaulted from 4th to a gold medal in women’s figure skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics.Sarah Hughes
What Massachusetts college graduated Thomas Friedman, Tyne Daly, Debra Messing, Gates McFadden, and Jack Abramoff?Brandeis University
What is the hidden theme within the answers?US Supreme Court Justices

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