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QUIZ: Can you name the cultural things that contain a form of the verb 'fall' in them?

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ClueFall Phrase
Harding's Secretary of the Interior who was at the center of the Teapot Dome scandal
Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pennsylvania with Bear Run flowing under it
Beatles hit with the lyrics 'Would you promise to be true And help me understand'
William L. Shirer's National Book Award-winning chronicle on Nazi Germany
Patsy Cline's first number one hit song from 1961
Pete Wentz's indie rock band named after a Simpson's reference
1980's TV series featuring Lee Majors as a stuntman
1996 poetry collection of Shel Silverstein
Edgar Allan Poe short story with Roderick and Madeline as characters
The subtitle to the second Transformers film from 2009
The White Stripes song with the Michel Gondry LEGO video
Arthur Miller's semiautobiographical play about his marriage to Marilyn Monroe
1993 drama featuring Michael Douglas rampaging across Los Angeles
Tom Petty song that begins 'She's a good girl; loves her mama'
1956 hit song for Frankie Lymon & the Teenages about the not so wise habits of the amorous
Epic film staring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and Aidan Quinn
Actor who portrayed Stanley Roper on 'Three's Company'
David Bowie plays an alien in this 1976 sci-fi classic
David Guterson novel turned into an Ethan Hawke film
1958 novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe
1996 movie with Ben Stiller and Sarah Jessica Parker

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