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Can you name the words that end in the letter 'X'?

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ClueX-wordStarting Letter
Friend of ObelixA
Cleansing agent or detergentB
What's on top of êC
A two-family houseD
Common term for cerumenE
To confuseF
Speed-changing transmission partG
Oreo-like cookieH
To commingleI
A bringer of bad luckJ
Trademarked facial tissueK
Voice boxL
Antacid brand nameM
ClueX-wordStarting Letter
6-layered region of the cerebrumN
Quartz form with a variety of colorsO
Ancient Greek military formationP
Design motif of five elements in a squareQ
Automatic nerve responseR
Winged lion's body with a woman's headS
To hold motionless as if by piercingT
Computer operating systemU
The corner of a geometric shapeV
Ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdomW
Palindromic antianxiety drugX
French word for 'eyes'Y
Tradename for azithromycinZ

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