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Can you name the words or phrases that are thematic for the end of semester?

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Damon-Affleck amateur film competition
Old Nintendo game with a suburban cyclist
The 50 grit version of this is very coarse
Linda Blair does this in the Exorcist
It precedes the semis
Bert collects these fasteners
You're given these when you're fired
Movie with a sequel called Book of Shadows
A detailed or authoritative report
Type of map that makes Greenland huge
A heavy object on many desks
Play about Matthew Shepard
Matthew Broderick movie with monkeys
Teachers put transparencies on this
A piece of this turns blue in base
Musical group behind 'Eye in the Sky'
Bounty, Brawny, and Viva
Old name for the comics page
Game series awaiting its 13th installment
Code name for US atomic bomb program
Ideally, the 61st answer Alex Trebek reads
John Houseman's law school film classic
Death-defying thriller with Ali Larter
Tatum O'Neal won an oscar for this movie
GOB Bluth's theme song by Europe
Heidi Klum hosts this show
It follows the Elite Eight
A threat that is actually harmless
Short common name of Dickens' 1st novel

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