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QUIZ: Can you name the misheard words that Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) put into her 'news' pieces on SNL?

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News Topic with Correct WordMisheard WordA Usually Related Litella Quote
*Violence* on Television
Saving Soviet *Jewry*
Conserving Our Natural *Resources*
*Busing* Schoolchildren
*Equal* Rights Amendments
Reinstating the *Death* Penalty
The 1976 Presidential *Elections*
*Free* Elections in China
Endangered *Species*
the United Nations is collecting money for *UNICEF*
Pouring money into *Cancer* Research
Making Puerto Rico a *State*
Transcendental *Meditation*
Cars being equipped with air *bags*
*Hiring* the Handicapped
*Sex* on Television
A captain of a Big *River*boat
Bella Abzug threw her *Hat* into the ring
5 *Croatians* Hijacking an Airplane

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