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Can you name the movie from the title of its DVD edition and year of its theatrical release?

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DVD Edition TitleMovieYear
Big Top Edition1941
Most Wanted Edition1973
High Flying Edition1977
Double Secret Probation Edition1978
Rockin' Rydell Edition1978
The Immaculate Edition1979
The Complete Dossier1979
'Don't Call Me Shirley!' Edition1980
Saviour of the Universe Edition1980
Full Moon Edition1981
The One Size Fits All Edition1982
Panty Raid Edition1984
The 'Jane Doe' Edition1985
Extra-Curricular Edition1986
Everything's Duckie Edition1986
Bueller... Bueller... Edition1986
'Those Aren't Pillows!' Edition1987
Dread Pirate Edition1987
Screwhead Edition1992
Flashback Edition1993
DVD Edition TitleMovieYear
'Whatever!' Edition1995
Holy Schnike Edition1995
Fully Exposed Edition1995
Hard Evidence Edition1996
Fully Exposed Edition1997
Totally Awesome Edition1998
Fully Baked Edition1998
Special Edition with Flair!1999
Locked 'N Loaded Director's Cut1999
Killer Collector's Edition2000
Circle of Trust Collection2000/4
Tricked Out Edition2001
Explosive Extended Edition2002
Baker's Dozen Edition2003
Like, the Best Special Edition Ever!2004
Uncorked Edition2005
2-Disc Double Your Pleasure Edition2005
The Power Cosmic Edition2007
Bad Dog Edition2008
Let's Get Sweaty Edition2008

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