4-Letter Country Giant Word Ladder

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Can you name the 4-letter words that make the rungs in this themed word ladder?

Updated Jul 23, 2015

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ Middle Eastern country ★
★ Middle Eastern country ★
Ocean Spray '___-Apple'
Nonsense or rubbish
Crack when dry, like lips
★ African country ★
Mississippi's Senator Cochran
Hanks film '___ Thing You Do'
Excellent, in urban slang
Carbonized moss from bogs
Lively or vivacious
Ernie's Muppet housemate
Uncle Owen's wife in Star Wars
★ South American country ★
Programming language
A type of knitting stitch
Opposite of push
Ask a group a question
Wonks, senators, or governors
Slang for an old man
The best
___ Gigio, an Italian mouse puppet
★ African country ★
A type of springy bouncing stick
Half of American Samoa's capital
Clue4-Letter Word
Part of a book
A chopped meat spread
Behind schedule
Lower back muscles
★ Asian country ★
Bathrooms in London
Money taken illegally
12 inches
A person lacking judgment
A baby horse
Getting the puck in the net
Capricorn is this animal
Business school admission exam
FBI agent, for short
★ Middle Eastern country ★
Future-predicting occurence
Last word of Christian prayers
Ugandan military dictator Idi
Similar or related
Dermis and epidermis
A short humorous sketch
Hearts or Diamonds, e.g.
8, to a Parisian
'The ___ for Red October'
A swingless batted hit
Clue4-Letter Word
Sculpture of head and shoulders
Has to
Pole that holds a ship's sails
Sprouted grain for brewing beer
★ African country ★
Surrealist artist Salvador
Capital city of East Timor
An herb used on pickles
An invoice
A male bovine
The body of a ship
Throw with force
Form into a curved shape
Heal someone of a disease
A shape with 6 square sides
★ North American country ★
A very large brass instrument
Fish used for salads and sushi
Melody or song
A stabby part of a fork
A place to dig up coal or gems
A very short skirt
Completed or done, in French
★ Oceanic country ★

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