4-Letter Capitals Giant Word Ladder

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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

Updated Jan 31, 2014

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ Capital of Norway ★
___ buco, Italian veal dish
Standard Oil, in Canada
To be, in Latin
Italian royal family
Cómo ___ usted?
Dog in 'The Thin Man'
The largest continent
★ Capital of Samoa ★
Sacred Egyptian bull
Some primates
Greek war god
3, in Spanish
Golf ball holders
Hardy's '___ of the d'Urbervilles'
Harry Truman's wife
Very large stringed instrument
Nickname for singer Streisand
Movie about a talking pig
Hindu equivalent of Mr.
★ Capital of Azerbaijan ★
Cameroon ethnic group
Silent film actress Theda
When doubled, island near Tahiti
Star Wars' ___ Fett
Clue4-Letter Word
MLB's Chamberlain
★ Capital of South Sudan ★
Brass instrument
Home of the throat singers
★ Capital of Fiji ★
Novel by Toni Morrison
Hawaiian dance
Hockey great Bobby or Brett
Unsharp, like a knife
Texas-based PC company
A place to eat a ham on rye
★ Capital of East Timor ★
1953 Leslie Caron film
Disney's '___ and Stitch'
'Venus de ___'
Basis of dairy products
Desirable mammal fur
'Dracula' heroine Harker
Italian actress Lollobrigida
Prefix for 1,000,000,000
★ Capital of Latvia ★
Indian musical style
Uncommon thing: '___ avis'
Dr. Zhivago's love
Turkish currency unit
Clue4-Letter Word
★ Capital of Peru ★
Green citrus fruit
A coating of frost
★ Capital of Italy ★
★ Capital of Togo ★
'___ duck president'
Auntie of musical fame
★ Capital of the Maldives ★
5280 feet
Thousandths of an inch
'Little ___ Sunshine'
Peat is made of this
Scale for rock hardness
Homer Simpson cries
★ Capital of Qatar ★
Nickelodeon's toon explorer
Swedish Chef's interjection
Springsteen's '___ to Run'
★ Capital of Switzerland ★
Washed-up person: 'has-___'
'Of course' in French: '___ sûr'
A sellable mortgage security
'Scream' actor Schreiber
★ Capital of Ukraine* ★

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