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Can you name the words and phrases that have the letters C-C-H in a row?

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The Golden Arches poultry fare
Polish composer and lover of George Sand
College course with esters and amines
Disney film featuring Jiminy Cricket
Trendy food fish from cold waters
The Pope is the head of this
Last name of Jersey Shore's Pauly D
Franco-Russian painter of 'I and the Village'
Cloyingly sweet
The Roman god of wine
Former coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning Rick
Small oval pasta meaning little ear
Ancient Incan city near Cuzco
Dumplings made from potato
'That tastes disgusting!'
Home to the Tar Heels, for short
Former member of 'N Sync
Guyana-born actress from ER and Avatar
Roman brothers who served together as tribune
A red variety of chicory used in salads
A method of capital punishment
Long-time 3rd baseman for the Oakland A's
General who formerly led US forces in Afghanistan
A type of summer squash
The original Karate Kid portrayer

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