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Can you name the element that ...?

Updated Aug 23, 2012

How to Play
Name an element that ...Example Element
Has a symbol that begins with a different letter
Is named after Ytterby, Sweden
Has an atomic number under ten
Has a one-letter symbol
Is one of the 5 most abundant in Earth's crust
Is a lanthanide
Is a halogen
Is five letters long
Was known to the ancients in pure form
Is a metalloid
Is an alkali metal
Is named after an object in the solar system
Contains the letter 'X'
Is a liquid at or near room temperature
Is a gas at room temperature
Name an element that ...Example Element
Is named after a country
Is a noble gas
Is diatomic in nature
Is one of the 10 most abundant in the universe
Is a non-silver colored metal
Is named after a real-life person
Is spelled differently in the UK/US
Is four letters long
Is an actinide
Begins with the letter 'R'
Occurs in nature and is always radioactive
Has a density over 19 g/mL
Was discovered after 1960
Is an alkaline earth metal
Is named after a female goddess or person

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