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Can you name the longer word that can be made by adding A to Z to the end of the shorter word?

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Short Word ClueLonger WordLonger Word Clue
Ancient Greek physician + AAn ore of lead
Commotion or mental turmoil + BLeafy green, such as mint, used as seasoning or vegetable
Grammatically analyze a sentence + CAstronomical distance
Pave again + DImpede or delay
Gold purity unit + EA martial art
Soft French cheese + FShort in time
Medicine for a headache + GSeeking to accomplish a goal
The vena cava heads there + HThe area around a fireplace
Enlisted man trained in first aid + IHistoric Florentine power family
Harker of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + JPop singer Nicki of 'Starships' and 'Super Bass'
The final frontier + KSissy of 'Coal Miner's Daughter'
They sent up Apollo 13 + LLike Fran Drescher's (the Nanny's) voice
Ownable part of a multiunit building + MProphylactic
Art made of glued-on objects + NProtein source of gelatin
On fire + OPink avian lawn ornament
Semi-see-through theater drop + PBe very frugal or stingy
George Gershwin's brother + QHome to Basra
A steep-sided hill or mountain + RDairy spread
Track and field projectile + STalk about in detail
Where a blacksmith works + TBe unable to recall
Forming the part in the rear + UReligious adherent in India
Damage + VSportscaster Albert
Tangent over secant + WTendon or power
A British queen + XA new building wing
: + YA collection of ants
Two pints + ZSilicon dioxide mineral

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