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Macaulay Culkin struggles to play 4 versions of himself all working hard to prevent a house invasion by Joe PesciHome Clone
In this sporting classic, Sylvester Stallone plays a boxer in Philly who is so incredibly full of himself that he loses the big boutCocky
This cartoon features the voice of Mike Myers as a foul-tempered ogre who tears up all royal decreesShred
In this Pixar film, a bird flies over to deliver a new action figure voiced by Tim AllenToy Stork
In this fantasy classic, Charlton Heston plays an astronaut who crash lands into the future where the Statue of Liberty has been turned into a brew pubPlanet of the Ales
In this Tarantino film, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are hit men trying to recover magical case full of paper from a splinter groupPulp Faction
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton play two guys who run a new hip discotheque next to a boutique that sells soapsNight Club
In this Spielberg film, Jeff Goldblum's character warns of the dangers of genetically engineering prehistoric pigs to make the ultimate baconJurassic Pork
In the film, Bruce Willis, as a cop, fights a Germanic terrorist who is trying to breed a giant killer bunnyDie Hare
In this animated film, Albert Brooks, and his assistant played by Ellen DeGeneres, search for a lost inter-office communicationFinding Memo
After a tragic break-up, Matt Damon plays a self-educated supergenius who wanders the halls of MIT in painGood Will Hurting
Movie 'Plot' New Title % Correct
Robert De Niro is a hack who picks up his fares and rambles nonsense to them about Jodie FosterTaxi Drivel
In this horror spoof, Simon Pegg plays the antihero who leads a band of his friends against hard-of-hearing zombiesShaun of the Deaf
A pregnant police woman, played by Frances McDormand, is upset by having to do without woodchips in her landscaping this yearForgo
Kristen Stewart feels much better about things when she realizes that a werewolf played by Taylor Lautner treats her better than her fanged exNew Mood
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis play a couple who become secret agents to earn money to pay back a bank note for their homeTrue Lien
After years and years of joining the crew of the Dread Pirate Roberts, Robin Wright's character becomes very saltyThe Princess Brine
Set in Las Vegas, this Robert De Niro film has him constantly checking out the gambling establishment next doorCasing
Paul Newman works at country club but trouble happens because of a failure to communicate about putting chlorine in the water and skimming leavesPool Hand Luke
Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly dance and croon with studio execs on an ill-fated ocean liner caught in a stormSinkin' in the Rain
Ernest Borgnine plays a heavy-set bachelor who is plagued by his flatulence.Farty
This Hitchcock classic, starring Farley Granger and James Stewart, features one continuous take about the murder of a really stupid classmateDope

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