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Can you name the things with a trio of letters from the alphabet inside them?

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Unit of charge in the cgs systemABC
Early IBM alternative to ASCIIBCD
1/360 of a full rotationCDE
To shock to restore heart rhythmDEF
Top South African golfer (2 words)EFG
Asian countryFGH
Italian automakerGHI
Comandeer a plane at gunpointHIJ
Home to Rembrandt's 'Night Watch'IJK
Royal Dutch AirlinesKLM
Tranquility or serenityLMN
The study of lakesMNO
Fear of spidersNOP
Subatomic particle (2 words)OPQ
Initialed motto of RomePQR
Abbr. for an administrative centerQRS
Afro or beehive, e.g.RST
Wetness or condensationSTU
Country of OceaniaTUV
Superman's impish enemy (2 words)XYZ

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