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Can you name the first 6-letter thing you can think of in each category?

Quiz Updated Dec 23, 2013

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Category6-Letter Word
American Idol Winners
Zodiac Signs
French Kings
Old Testament Books
Spice Girls' 'Names'
Original 64 Crayola
US Presidents
Canadian Prime Ministers
Human Bones (Latin)
European Capitals
Harry Potter Incantations
12 Major Roman Gods
US States
Chess Pieces
Pope Names
Australian Capitals
Santa's Reindeer
British Prime Ministers
Chinese Zodiac
Canterbury Tales Pilgrims
Category6-Letter Word
NBA Teams
Euro-Replaced Currencies
Written-Out Numbers
Cullen Clan Vampires
Literature Nobelists
Shakespeare Title Characters
Days of the Week
NHL Teams
Quidditch Positions
Current British Counties
MLB Teams
V8 Ingredients
US Capitals
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
AKC Dog Breeds
Pokémon (Gen 1)
Oscar Best Pictures
European Countries
NFL Teams
Sigourney Weaver Movies
Snow White's 7 Dwarfs

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