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Can you name the 4-letter words that have half of their letters being A to Z?

Updated May 1, 2013

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Clue4-Letter WordPattern
Molten volcano output_A_A
Baseball's Georgia Peach Ty__BB
Behold the man: ___ homo_CC_
Document indicating ownershipD__D
Captain Hook's assistant__EE
A keyless fluteF_F_
Actor KinnearG__G
Ice planet in 'The Empire Strikes Back'H__H
Oceanic island nation_I_I
A trip to Mecca__JJ
Captain of the USS EnterpriseK__K
A friend in war_LL_
Heroine of Rent and La BohèmeM_M_
Clue4-Letter WordPattern
Noble gas used in lampsN__N
Seep outOO__
Leader of the Holy SeeP_P_
Latin abbr. for the following ones__QQ
River and valley in western GermanyR__R
Egyptian goddess of nature_S_S
The bus driver on 'The Simpsons'_TT_
Outfit for a ballerina_U_U
City in western Ukraine_V_V
Shorthand for a conflict from 1939-1945WW__
Microsoft videogame consoleX__X
A stringed toyY_Y_
Sound coming from an apiary__ZZ

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