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Can you name the 3-letter words that if you add the specified letter to the end you get a 4-letter word?

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3-Letter Clue + Letter3/4-Letter Word4-Letter Clue
10th leter of the Hebrew alphabet + ASmall green Jedi
That girl + BParsley or sage, e.g.
X, to the Greeks + CFashionable
A tavern + DShakespeare, for one
Rice Krispies' mascot + ELinus, John XXIII, or Pius X, e.g.
Computer in '2001' + F50%
Shade of brown + GChinese dynasty or NASA space drink
List ending abbr. + HMake an engraving
A sailor + ILarge Mongolian-Chinese desert
Possessed + JA pilgrimage to Mecca
A WC, in the UK + KEspy
Adornment for a present + LPart of a place setting
Animal menagerie + MMove speedily
Half of a bikini + NCereal grain
Add + OA form of Japanese wrestling
Sing without words + PCamel feature
Glass or Gershwin, e.g. + QMideastern country
A poem of praise + RGerman-Polish border river
Fluid found near a wound + SA kitty
A girl having a ball + TMoney owed
Egyptian king, for short + UA ballet skirt
The sea, in French + VJeopardy! creator Griffin
Anti's anti + WBow of a ship
A simian + XThe summit
A small boy + YLord's mate
Boy in a Johnny Cash song + ZEgyptian canal

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