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Can you name the first 3-letter thing you think of in each category?

Quiz Updated Feb 23, 2016

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# - These are the 3-letter objects or concepts they liken the notes to in the song.
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Category3-Letter Word
MLB Hall of Fame Members
3-Letter Trig Functions
Human Bones (non-Latin)
'The Office' Roles 1st Names
AKC Dog Breeds
Original 64 Crayola
US Supreme Court Justices
TV's Batman Fight Words
'Sound of Music' 'Notes' #
Big Four US TV Networks
Chemical Elements
Interrogative Words
Written-Out Numbers
Category3-Letter Word
Old Testament Books
World Currencies
Snow White's 7 Dwarfs
Nintendo Consoles
'Little Women' Sisters
'Green Eggs & Ham' Words
UN Secretaries General
Historic Chinese Dynasties
#1 Michael Jackson songs
Pope Names
Tony Award Best Play
Greek Alphabet
Chinese Zodiac
Top-Level Internet Domains

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