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QUIZ: Can you name the 3-letter words that if you add an 'O' at the end you get a 4-letter word?

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3-Letter ClueAnswer + O4-Letter Clue
Mitt Romney's wifeYear, in Latin
AutomobileLBJ biographer Robert
At a distanceBetting card game
Computer in '2001'Angelic headgear
That girlEpic savior
Area of District 12A vagabond
EmbraceAuthor Victor
'Pore ___ is Daid'Martial art
Lower appendageLinkable blocks
AllowActor Jared of 'Fight Club'
3-Letter ClueAnswer + O4-Letter Clue
Container coverItalian resort
An arcing tennis shotA wolf
Thousandth of an inchOtis' movie friend
Turner of a rebellionInternational alliance
Bullfight cheerButter substitute
Add upJapanese wrestling
Asphalt componentStarchy root vegetable
A small birdYugoslav WWII leader
Put on clothesAfrican country
Animal doctorReject a bill

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