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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word maroon?

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A shallow pond near a larger body of water_ A _ O O N
Cartoon Martian who plagues BugsM A R _ _ N
A French boy or sometimes waiter_ A R _ O N
A subatomic particle composed of 3 quarks_ A R _ O N
Rushdie's '___ and the Sea of Stories'_ A R O _ N
A bar placed over a vowel to make it longM A _ _ O N
Clara who founded the American Red Cross_ A R _ O N
The head of a women's prisonM A _ _ O N
A member of the Church of Latter Day SaintsM _ R _ O N
To forgive of sins_ A R _ O N
A burrowing rodent also know as a woodchuckM A R _ O _
Mark who stars on NCIS_ A R _ O N
Dolly the country singer_ A R _ O N
The sound a car engine makes_ A R O O _
Sport fish or Miami baseballerM A R _ _ N
Syndrome for people with body elongationM A R _ _ N

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