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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word dangle?

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A bunch of geese_ A _ G L E
A tropical thicket_ _ N G L E
A tune for marketing_ _ N G L E
Botch or mess up something_ _ N G L E
Cause irritation or anger_ A N _ L E
Delay or waste time idlyD A _ _ L E
Famous baseballer Mickey_ A N _ L E
Have a pins and needles feeling_ _ N G L E
Impress or overpower with lightD A _ _ L E
Involve yourself superficially with an activityD A _ _ L E
Lanky_ A N G L _
Mark with spots or patchesD A _ _ L E
Mosquito-borne fever diseaseD _ N G _ E
Move your tail back and forth_ A _ G L E
Nickname or a graspable lever_ A N _ L E
PerilD A N G _ _
River that starts in GermanyD A N _ _ E
Socially interact with guests at a party_ _ N G L E
Try to get a price down lower_ A _ G L E
Unmarried_ _ N G L E
Use a liquid to cleanse mouth and throat_ A _ G L E
Wicked light maker_ A N _ L E

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