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Can you name the words that have had two letters changed in them from COTTON?

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A larval insect formC O _ _ O N
Author Edward Bulwer-____ _ T T O N
Don the Hall of Fame Dodgers pitcher_ _ T T O N
A division of SwitzerlandC _ _ T O N
1970 Best Picture winner_ _ T T O N
Meat from an adult sheep_ _ T T O N
Na⁺ or Li⁺C _ T _ O N
A ticket for a discountC O _ _ O N
Home to the EPL's Wanderers_ O _ T O N
An idea_ O T _ O N
Mary Lou the American gymnast_ _ T T O N
Goal in Snape's class_ O T _ O N
The capital of Massachusetts_ O _ T O N
Shirt fastener_ _ T T O N
OrdinaryC O _ _ O N
Actor Timothy or Actress Lauren_ _ T T O N
'Be prepared' and 'Semper Fidelis'_ O T T O _
A milk containerC _ _ T O N
The basic garment of Ancient GreeceC _ _ T O N
A medicinal or cosmetic liquid_ O T _ O N
Seuss character who heard a Who_ O _ T O N
A band that encircles a moldC O T T _ _
Jelly Roll, the jazz pianist_ O _ T O N
A type of quark_ O T T O _
Ed or Trixie on 'The Honeymooners'_ O _ T O N
A filled pocket of noodle dough_ O _ T O N
A relative of the lemonC _ T _ O N
Putrid or morally corrupt_ O T T _ N
Newton's Laws concerned this_ O T _ O N
Famed cooking school ___ BleuC O _ _ O N

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