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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word button?

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Robert who invented the steamboat_ U _ T O N
Billy who is Captain MarvelB _ T _ O N
A type of quarkB _ T T O _
Now having teeth marksB _ T T _ N
Italian goalkeeper GianluigiB U _ _ O N
One from the UK or its territoriesB _ _ T O N
Famously bad author Edward Bulwer-____ _ T T O N
Margarine, but for realsB U T T _ _
Common clothing fiber made from a boll_ _ T T O N
Famed American general George_ _ T T O N
Foot deformity near the big toeB U _ _ O N
Capital of MassachusettsB _ _ T O N
Clara who founded the American Red CrossB _ _ T O N
Michael the soft rock singerB _ _ T O N
Rammed into with your headB U T T _ _
Mary Lou, the Olympic gymnast_ _ T T O N
Director John or his acting daughter Anjelica_ U _ T O N
One who wagersB _ T T O _
Children's author Enid of 'The Famous Five'B _ _ T O N
Doctor played by Eriq LaSalle on 'ER'B _ _ T O N
Bruce the Civil War historian_ _ T T O N

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