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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word badger?

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A tool for climbing_ A D _ E R
The uncooked cake mixB A _ _ E R
Flat-bottomed boatsB A _ G E _
A holder for clothes in a closet_ A _ G E R
One who cuts hair or shavesB A _ _ E R
Half brother of Thor, in the Marvel UniverseB A _ _ E R
A usually eccentric elderly fellow_ _ D G E R
Ray who played the Scarecrow in OzB _ _ G E R
Bob who hosted 'The Price is Right'B A _ _ E R
Beef on a bunB _ _ G E R
A risk of injury or pain_ A _ G E R
Character played by Don Cheadle in 'Oceans 11'B A _ _ E R
Mick of the Rolling Stones_ A _ G E R
A book for records for an accountant_ _ D G E R
A flagB A _ _ E R
The allotments of money for spendingB _ D G E _
Whitey, the former on-the-run mobsterB _ _ G E R
Baseball player from Los Angeles_ _ D G E R
Margaret the birth conrol activist _ A _ G E R
Baseball player from Texas_ A _ G E R
A gizmo_ A D G E _
One who declares '3 no trump'B _ D _ E R
A root used to make red pigments_ A D _ E R
A sharp knife for stabbing_ A _ G E R
One who dates vampires, on 'True Blood'_ A _ G E R
A sod or stinker, to a britB _ _ G E R
Good-natured witty back-and forth chattingB A _ _ E R
Slang for snotB _ _ G E R
The 3rd most populous city in MaineB A _ G _ R
Meredith who starred on 'Family Ties'B A _ _ E R

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