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Can you name the 4-letter words that have these double vowel patterns?

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Pattern4-Letter WordClue
AA__Organization for older US residents
A_A_Actor Arkin or Alda
A__AOperatic solo
_AA_Swedish carmaker
_A_ALady of 'Poker Face' fame
__AAUS university sports organization
EE__Finish architect Saarinen
E_E_Biblical garden
E__EWomen's fashion magazine
_EE_Relative of a nerd
_E_EA sequence of DNA
__EEYou, to a Quaker
Pattern4-Letter WordClue
II__Hawaiian honeycreeper
I_I_Goddess married to Osiris
I__ILetters on the cross
_II_Jacob, the social reformer
_I_IOne from New Zealand
__II17, to the Romans
OO__Interjection for accidents
O_O_A double-reeded instrument
O__ODunkable sandwich cookie
_OO_Peter Pan's nemesis
_O_OLeader of U2
__OOWhen doubled, a kid's train

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