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Can you name each of these phrases that is 2 letters followed by 4 letters from a set of clues?

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Clues (in Alphabetical Order)2 4 Phrase
US Vice President under Bill Clinton
To the same quantity or degree
A usually-foreign born live-in nanny
Comment sentiment on Sweethearts candies
Runner-up to Carrie Underwood on 'American Idol'
Not made with the aid of a machine
A medical test that produces a 3-D image of part of the body
A large port city in Vietnam
Actor Robert of 'Cape Fear' and 'Meet the Parents'
Delaware family that created a Chemical company
Long-serving mayor of New York City
The largest city in West Texas
In full court or with full judicial power
Latin for 'and others'
Children's card game where you ask for cards
A work, school or state issued confirmer of who you are
Nickname for Mussolini
Clues (in Alphabetical Order)2 4 Phrase
Happening in a living body (rather than in a Petri dish)
Nocturnal insect with large eye-like spots on each wing
Stanford-Binet is a famous one of this type of tool
A climate phenomenon based on Pacific cooling
A city in SW France famed for its eponymous race
Chinese Prime Minister 1978-1998
A Chinese dish with soft noodles and stir-fried vegetables
Temptations song or Chlumsky-Culkin movie
Play by Jean-Paul Sartre
Worthy of mentioning
Next in line for a turn, as in baseball
The final two words of many threats
A water-based military craft, like the one JFK served on
The capital of Minnesota
A liturgical Christian hymn of praise to God
'60 Minutes,' 'Roseanne' or 'Mad Men,' e.g.
Baseballer known as the Georgia Peach

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