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Can you name the the 10 worst Christmas movies according to Fandango?

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'Actor'TitlePlot Summary
John CallThis MST3K staple shows Kris Kringle building a factory on another planet.
Lilyan ChauvinThis 1984 slasher film features Santa-suit wearing killer.
SinbadThis 'comedy' shows the leads fighting over a Turbo-man toy.
Michael KeatonIn this movie, the main character is reincarnated as a winter figure.
Hulk HoganA millionaire body builder gets amnesia while donning a holiday suit.
Jim VarneyThis holiday movie shows a recurring yokel trying to make sure the gifts get delivered.
Alex D. LinzA remote control car holds an international secret in this sequel
Matthew BroderickNeighbors war over holiday displays and more.
Ben AffleckTwo families are together over the holidays as their relationships are saved.
Jamie Lee CurtisA family decides at the last minute to not forgo a big annual holiday celebration.

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