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QUIZ: Can you name these terms for things that happen to have a synonym for '0' somewhere inside them?

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Clue0 TermPattern
The country that borders the U.S. to the north_ _ N A D A
One who fires balls from the ship_ _ _ N O N E _ _
A female offspring_ A U G H T _ _
Completely lacking_ _ V O I D
Mentally conflicted or pained_ _ _ _ _ A U G H T
A Mexican savory turnover_ _ _ _ N A D A
Actor Donald of 'Community'_ L O V E _
Spanish city that was the last bastion of the Moors_ _ _ N A D A
Guffaws or tittering_ A U G H T _ _
The capital of the Philippines_ _ N I L _
The killing of another without legal malice_ _ _ _ _ A U G H T _ _
A confection made of almond paste_ _ _ Z I P _ _
A vinegary sauce of pepper and shallots often served with oysters_ _ _ N O N E _ _ _
Spanish tennis player Rafael who excels on clayN A D A _
A person or thing of little importanceN O N E _ _ _ _ _
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000_ _ N I L _ _ _ _
Shaped like an egg_ V O I D
Incredibly poor_ _ _ N I L _ _ _
Exhibiting characteristics of old age_ _ N I L _
It's home to Ljubljana_ L O V E _ _ _
Untidy in appearance_ L O V E _ _ _
Instructed students_ A U G H T
Like a decision, made only by one party involved_ N I L _ _ _ _ _ _
Common ice cream flavor based on a bean_ _ N I L _ _
Pinhead of the comicsZ I P _ _

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