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Can you name the pop-punk band by their songs?

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Notable SongsBand
'Almost' '1985' 'Ohio (Come Back to Texas)'
'American Idiot' 'Basket Case' 'Warning'
'Way Away' 'Lights and Sounds' 'Only One'
'The Anthem' 'Wondering' 'Hold On'
'Year 3000' 'What I Go to School For' 'Sleeping with the Light On'
'Addicted' 'Welcome to My Life' 'Perfect'
'In Too Deep' 'Fat Lip' 'Pieces'
'Sugar, We're Goin' Down' 'Thnks fr th Mmrs' 'XO'
'Self-Esteem' 'You're Gonna Go Far, Kid' 'Hammerhead'
'Inside Out' 'Promise' 'Here's to the Night'
Notable SongsBand
'All the Small Things' 'I Miss You' 'M+M's'
'My Own Worst Enemy' 'Miserable' 'Zip-Lock'
'Move Along' 'Swing, Swing' 'Dirty Little Secret'
'I Hear You Calling' 'Oh! Ellin' 'When life Gets Boring'
'The Great Escape' 'Hero/Heroine' 'Thunder'
'Minimum Wage' 'All My Fault' 'G.B.O.H.'
'The Art of Losing' 'Flavor of the Week' 'Safer on the Outside'
'Misery Business' 'Pressure' 'crushcrushcrush'
'No Trend' 'Stand Up for England' 'Blag, Steal and Borrow'
'Ticket Outta Loserville' 'Eddie's Song' 'Sick'

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