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Can you name the comedian from the TV show they spawned?

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TV ShowComedianRun
Home Improvement1991-1999
[First Name of Comedian]1988-1997
The [Name] Program1950-1965
The [Name] Show1961-1965
Grace Under Fire1993-1998
The [Name] Show1995-2004
The [Last Name] Show and [Last Name]1984-1992 and 1996-2000
These Friends of Mine renamed [First Name]1994-1998
Curb Your Enthusiasm2000-2009
The [Name] Show1996-2001
The Honeymooners1955-1956
The [Name] Show1996-2000
The [Last Name]s1998-2002
The King of Queens1998-2007
TV ShowComedianRun
Welcome Back, Kotter1975-1979
[First Name]1992-1997
The [Name] Show2002-2007
[Last Name]1989-1998
Mad About You1992-1999
Everybody Loves [First Name]1996-2005
Its [Name] Show and The Larry Sanders Show1986-1990 and 1992-1998
[First Name] at Large2003
[Last Name]2000-2002
The [Name] Show2001-2006
The [Name] Show and [Last Name]1972-1978 and 1982-1990
Everybody Hates [First Name]2005-2009
The [First Name] Show1999-2001

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