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Can you name the terms including the word 'kill'?

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1985 James Bond film
Controversial 1994 Oliver Stone film
The way to earn care packages in Call of Duty
Stanley Kubrick heist film
Biography of a Colombian drug lord, Escobar
Quentin Tarantino film
Phrase encompassing sniper philosophy
Security measure to shut down malfunctioning devices
City in New York
The band for which Brandon Flowers sings
2001 Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike
2004 Coen brothers film with Tom Hanks (remade from a 1955 film)
1973 Robera Flack song
Series of Playstation games
What Elmer Fudd intends to do in What's Opera, Doc?
Metallica's debut album
Harper Lee novel
2008 film with De Niro and Pacino
Humane type of animal shelter
Evan Wright book about the War in Iraq, turned into an HBO series
Original title of Sid and Nancy, or a song from The Ramones
Canadian comedy series that aired from 2002-2006
1955 Stanley Kubrick film
1992 Rage Against the Machine song
The Motive of Leopold and Loeb
1980 Brian De Palma film starring Michael Caine
1996 film starring Matthew McConaughey, based on a Grisham novel
The policy of deadly force
1989 Timothy Dalton James Bond film
1990 film starring Steven Segal
2007 criminal comedy featuring Ben Kingsley and Luke Wilson
Animals hit by cars

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