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Can you name the fictional fish from the description?

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Ariel's friend in The Little Mermaid
Yellow, alliterative, crime solving computer game fish
Three-eyed goldfish on the Simpsons
Sea monster from Greek mythology, alternately killed by Perseus and Heracles
Protagonist of Shark Tale, voiced by Will Smith
Title character in a multi-colored children's book
German pet of the Smiths on American Dad!
Great white shark from an eponymous television series that was similar to Scooby Doo
Long-running British comic strip title character
The animated mascot for Starkist Tuna
The clownfish who is sought in a Disney-Pixar film
Universal translator in the world of Douglas Adams
Video game character whose name pokes fun at 007
Tiger shark who was the title character of an animated show
Useless Pokemon that evolves into Gyarados
Don Knott's Incredible movie character who helps locate Nazis submarines
Sea monster mentioned in the Bible, name of a Thomas Hobbes book
Star fish neighbor of SpongeBob SquarePants

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