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Actor Turned DirectorFilmYear
Orson Welles1941
John Huston1941
Gene Kelly1949
John Cassavetes 1959
John Wayne1960
Marlon Brando1961
Dennis Hopper1969
Clint Eastwood1971
Jack Nicholson1971
Charlton Heston1972
Ron Howard1977
Warren Beatty1978
Robert Redford1980
Harold Ramis1980
Actor Turned DirectorFilmYear
Rob Reiner1984
Leonard Nimoy1984
Danny DeVito1987
Kevin Costner1990
Billy Crystal1992
Robert De Niro1993
Ben Stiller1994
Forest Whitaker1995
Johnny Depp1997
Edward Norton2000
George Clooney2002
Denzel Washington2002
Drew Barrymore2009
Ricky Gervais2009

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